Stand up paddle boarding is one of the fastest growing sports in the world.  "Why? I don't get it?  This is what I hear when I am explaining the sport to someone that has never done it.  Most people say that they have seen people SUPing in Hawaii so  why do we have stand up paddleboards at Leavenworth Mountain Sports?   

Leavenworth is two and half hours east of Seattlelocated on the eastern slope of the Cascade Mountains.   We are surrounded by water with the Wenatchee River coursing through town and draining twenty miles east into the mighty Colombia.  West of Leavenworth Mountain Sports is Lake Yolanda, Lake Wenatchee and theupper stretches of the Wenatchee River.

The section of river that runs through town is flat and slower moving so we have been getting the SUP's out on the river.  I have been putting in and attaining the river for a Zen water walking training session.  I love it.  Nobody can explain why being on a SUP is so natural, flowing and just right.  You have to try one yourself.

I am the owner of Leavenworth Mountain Sports and am very selfish with my outdoor recreational needs.  My passions in life include kayaking, skiing and surfing.  I had to bring surfing to the mountains because my three times of year escapades to the ocean was not cutting it.  We have hopped right on the bandwagon and have officially classified surfing the river a Mountain Sport.

Surfing glassy four foot waves, slicing through class three whitewater, gliding up and down the river focused on balance and beauty.  Moving so quiet the fish do not flutter and the polarized lenses start the film.

Guy and girls are out there pushing the limits in every sport imaginable including Stand up Paddleboards.  The ocean men are moving off the long board waves into deeper steeper waves and the mountain men are getting off the lakes and running serious whitewater.  This sport is so versatile, I bring our boards to Camano Is. for crabbing and riding the three foot wind swells that come out of the straits.  The boards are light, my wife Cheryl can carry the 12 foot Starboard and load it on the truck.  With the 10’ and 12’ we can paddle with our kids chilling on the front or have the 6 and 8 year old take them out on their own.

There are a lot of boards out in this big bad world of ours, new shapers are popping up everywhere.  I would recommend doing the research and make sure not to get a board on price alone.  Everyone has their specific need.  Do you want to surf in the ocean, paddle flat water or river?   You can find boards that excel in each of these categories but finding that perfect combination of what you want is the trick.

Cheers and have fun doing the research.  Please call or email if you want to demo a stand up paddleboard or want any information on your search for the perfect board.


Adam Mckenney