Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Boards are functional lightweight, foldable boards are constructed of the same sturdy material used in military inflatable boats making them extremely durable and UV resistant. The ULI Stand-Up Paddle Boards are rigid and stable enough to paddle quickly and hold steady on a wave.  While ideal for travel, Inflatabe Stand-Up Paddle Boards are perfect for lakes and rivers, making the introduction of stand-up paddle boarding to those who live inland. Two strong eyes allow for the paddle to be attached down the center of the board, making for easy carrying.  The following boards are part of our inflatable line up for 2012:

Fat Ass Quad

Is the latest surf/river board is a 9' 3'' x 33'' quad fin setup! It's fast, super stable, nose rides and can handle overhead plus surf. Two deck loops for for trekking and an oversized deck pad. Stiff enough for riders in the 250 lb. range.  I see this one being a favorite at Happy Wave and Running the River.

Height:                 9’3”

Width:                33"

Thickness:             3 7/8"

Weight:                 26 lbs

GL X-2

The Gerry Lopez model is a more advanced SUP. It has a more traditional shape. A pointed nose with good kick for better penetration when paddling out through the surfline or recovering from a nose dive in whitewater. The tail is pulled in and this helps in turning and late takeoffs. A more durable and heavier model, the GL X-2 is the board that can take the constant abuse of rivers and rocky shores. The deck of the board is covered with an EVA deck grip. Includes hand pump and gauge. Fins; tri-fin-typical thruster set up.

Height:                 10’0”

Width:                 31"

Thickness:             3 7/8"

Weight:                 26 lbs

10' Streamroller

The new 10' Steamroller is easy to maneuver and perfect for nose rides. Can handle a 265 lbs+ person. The deck of the board is covered with an EVA deck grip. Includes hand pump and gauge. Fins; tri-fin-typical thruster set up.

Height:                 10’0”

Width:                 31”

Thickness:              3 7/8”

Weight:                 28 lbs

Badfish Stand-Up Paddle Boards, new to LMS has some new and inovative technology for those interested in surfing waves in the river and going down stream.

Multi-Chamber Inflatable Technology (MCIT)

Characteristics in the existing drop stitch technology used by most inflatable board makers limit the ability to incorporate performance enhancing design elements. The nature of the drop stitch material is that it has a consistent thickness, therefore design variations have been limited to outline shape and rocker curve.  Badfish teamed with Boardworks on new technology that has enabled them to make Inflatable SUP’s with design elements that were previously only possible in hard boards.  With MCIT they are incorporating tapered rails, with a larger diameter in the mid section than the thickness of the main deck tapering to smaller diameter in the nose and tail. This enables the boards to have greater stability and to be more responsive than other inflatable’s.  These new boards also have a stepped down deck, lowering the paddler’s center of gravity and a type of stringer system, where the chambers connect, resulting in a significantly more rigid inflatable. This all makes the Boardworks/Badfish new inflatables an excellent choice for all levels of SUP, including entry level, school’s, touring, as well as advanced river running and surfing.  This board will be great for any paddler ability, from family fun to charging the Wenatchee from Leavenworth to the Columbia.

Lengths:             9’0″, 10’6″, 11’6″

Width:                 35″

Thickness:             5 1/2″

Fin Configuration:     2 + 1 w/ removable center fin

Rider Weight:         100lbs – 250lbs

Uses:                 River Running, Surfing, flat-water, touring, fishing