Time to bike, time to climb, trail run, hike and all for what?  TO GET IN SHAPE FOR SKIING.  Why do we do anything in this crazy world of ours.  We do it in preparation for skiing.   The only reason we have a Spring, Summer and Fall is so that we have time to rest from skiing and prepare ourselves for WINTER

What is your fall ski training regiment?  I am here to share mine if you care to listen.  I have added a new sport to my list of off season ski training tools, it’s called SUP (standup paddle boarding).  This is a surfboard that you stand on and paddle in flatwater, ocean or river.  This is a super core, back, shoulder, balance and cardio work out.  TO SUP properly you need to have good technique much like every other sport.  The pevic tilt alows the rest of my body to work naturally and effecient. Proper technique transfers over directly into skiing.

I can not say enough about the benefits of SUP but it will not help on that deep down strenght building that you can only get from the gym.  The fall is the only time of year that you will catch me in the Gym pumping iron.  I have come up with my own little training schedule stolen from the internet, friends and experimentaion.  The gym training I do comes from the “Cross Fit” idea which is pretty much go hard, fast, and heavy. Creativity is expressed on the ski hill so why not in the gym.  The cross fit training alows me to express myself.  When I train I listen to my body and do workouts that work for me as a individual.  When I listen to my body I ski better, which is the only reason for doing anything.

Here it goes. I like to warm up on the swimming machine at Balance Point here in Leavenworth.  Then I set up my stations and start the timer.  I try to keep my training sesions to under 30 minutes. My workout can be summed up with one word, DEADLIFTS and any CROSSFIT excercise, ok that was five word.  If you go to the crossfit website and pull a training session off of there you will be hooked, you may want to puke, but you will ski better so puking is a small price to pay.  Heck,  I have puked for a lot less reasons than than skiing.  Such as, one time at band camp…..

Crossfit and SUP is all I need to be ready to ski when the snow flies.  Ofcourse I do all the fun fall activities like I mentioned before.  I love to trail run, hike into the Enchantemnts and see the Larch trees turning color, rock climb in the perfect 65 degree crisp fall air and mountain bike without dieing of heat exhaustion.  I love FALL, but when I am doing all these sports that I have prioritized, guess what is  eating away in the back of my brain….SKIING.  The only reason I do anything is in preportion for SKIING.