We are all about the gear and customer service once you step on through. We know everything there is to know about all this geeky tech shiz. We will be your guide through the jungle of gortex, hi-fi polymers and carbon fibers and deliver you into a world of enchanting proportions. Strap your laces tight and put your hood up, you are about to enter LMS!

It is true, we know more about all this climbing, backcountry skiing, kayaking, hiking, camping, trail running and whatever oudoor pursuit you choose than we need to.

We are also locals who have been around these mountains for a long time using the gear that is needed to be comfortable, safe and fast as well as technical enough to get it done.  We make sure to test most of our gear and will give you the correct information the first time.  There is something to be said for a retail shop that prides themselves on customer satisfaction and true knowledge of the perfect Cascade quiver no matter the season or discipline of your desire.

The difference you will see at Leavenworth Mountain Sports is that we know what we are talking about and we use the gear that you need beta on. 

Give us a call anytime, if you are in Seattle and need an ASAP update of the weather over here or need to talk gear, we are hear for you.

We will match any price anywhere.

See you in the mountains or at the shop before your big trip.